Renovating to Increase Useful Uses of Making Space

We’ve been busy busy busy renovating All Hands Active to have more workable space.  This means we’ve moved to the other side of Digital Ops, and are now erecting shelving and filling it with the multidinous wonders we seem to magically accumulate (I suspect the intervention of electronics-happy gnomes).  None of us seem to know the origin of most of the things in the shop.  Apparently they’ve just materialized there, sinking rapidly into the collective pool of "hacker parts" and accumulated in dusty corners and forgotten drawers.  As I write this, the renovation goes on as our members wax and wane, carrying stuff to and fro like lovely little…[ants seems appropriate to write here, but hackers are most definitely not a hivemind; we're far too contrary]…Ents.

So what’re we doing?

First, we schlepped stuff around:

In his defense, Nima had been crawling around behind the stack wiring things up.  If you look closely, you can see that Oishi is still back there.  I have no clue what Funk was doing.

Anyhow, then we began to paint our new corner from the smouldering orange it was to white.  It took a few coats to fully conceal:


Nate and Alex were by far the most enthusiastic Paint Rangers, while Nima was support staff and Amanda wandered about making odd noises (this is not unusual).  This wall is hungry for murals.

Eventually, Nima found sometime interesting and decided it was worth further investigation:

We still don’t know what he found back there.  It may have been Fod.  Is the fist at the center of this photo Nima’s or does it belong to someone/thing else?

After that, epoxy flooring was laid and left to cure, and then we started moving our Mountains of Awesome Stuff in.  As of about 17:00 today, the space looked like this:

We somehow have lots of wood.  I’m not sure where all of it came from.

Now, we need a hammer drill to put up shelves on the wall upon which the wood is leaning in the above picture.  That wall is concrete.  I don’t even know exactly what a hammer drill is, but I’m nonetheless excited to find out and very curious as to what sort of noise it makes.

Order will somehow prevail soon and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled making!  Speaking of which, there’ll be a Purgatory* Build Night this coming Saturday evening.  Show up whenever, bring cookies if you’re kind.  We’ll be spinning dubstep and grind.

*Purgatory is where orphaned parts of indeterminate usefulness go, free for anyone to claim and use.  That which isn’t claimed goes to be safely recycled at the end of each month.



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