Continent’s Friendliest Hackerspace…

Last night at the Build Party Bilal shared some news with us.  Apparently the other hackerspaces in the Midwest, such as Pumping Station: One, i3, and HackPDH, have been spreading the rumor that we are the friendliest hackerspace in North America.  This rumor has even found countenance as far away as the San Francisco Maker Faire last weekend.

At first I didn’t believe him.  I was all

cause I really thought that there was no way it could be true.  I thought it was a joke.  But then I saw that he was casting his tears upon our floor

and I grew accordingly confused.  Until I saw Amanda’s face.

She had a terrible accident a couple years ago when she lost her ability to control her tears and as a result the doctors had to stitch the tendons around her mouth to her tear ducts to keep them from leaking uncontrollably.  She may look like she’s trying to smile, but look at the set of her eyes.  Her heart is breaking inside!  But it didn’t end there.

Echo was speechless.

Ana hid her face for shame.

Valdes was bilious with rage.

Oishi was distraught.

And Nima and Nick were so upset that they engaged in an hour-long game of Tennis Hand.

How could this have happened to us?

We’ve tried so hard to be a hackerspace, filled with good hackers doing awesome stuff and impresssing the world with our leetness, and apparently we’ve failed.  We’ve failed so hard and in the worst way possible: we have social skills.

Granted, the hackerspace often serves as a nerd incubator where we don’t have to feel out of place when we lashing puns back and forth in iambic pentameter.  In the hackerspace, the awkwardness and disassociation that nerds experience in normal societal spaces disappears and they can finally relax in their own skin.  But it seems we’ve brought some of that harsh outside world inside with us.  If we were a true nerd incubator we’d be smelly vampires coated in Cheetos dust, but this reputation, I fear, is a great blow to our credibility.  And without IRC cred, what are we?

[BTW, All Hands Active can now be found on IRC at irc:// Drop on by and we'll drop you a blistering earful of the continent's friendliest bile!]

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  1. matt.mets says:

    *Cackles madly

  2. electricmic says:

    When setting out to impress the world with leetness it is best to mete it out sparingly.

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