Upcoming Events


Thursday, March 11th, ~8pm

Our weekly get-together to hack everything around us.  Wreck Lab will be in full effect and there is also always space and time for painting and building.  If you’ve never been, now’s a good time to start!

This week’s Secret Theme: Useful Uses for Obscure Tubers

Maker Faire Brainstorming

Saturday, March 13th, 3p

The Call For Makers for the upcoming Maker Faire: Detroit is coming soon!  We’ve got some active threads going on on our mailing list (ahashop@googlegroups.com), but let’s get some face-to-face brainstorming going!!!  This is an open invite for anyone who is interested in the Maker Faire to come plan with us.  Ideas so far include a Wreck Lab/Make Lab for people to smash apart and rebuild old electronics, a Squish Lab for biology and demo dissections, a Hacked Foods Booth, and a Rotary Ruminations Room with slowly revolving whiteboards for crowd-sourced pondering.

Bringing hacked foods to share is welcome and appreciated!

We’re at 525 East Liberty, Ann Arbor, MI.

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