Upcoming Classes

So far we’ve seen Drupal classes from Anthony, a whole series in basic Python programming from Nate, a music theory course from Pokey, art classes from Bri, an electronics course from Valdes, and Xander’s molecular biology and quantum chemistry attempts.  Interest in classes and events has been growing, so we certainly aren’t going to stop there!

So far we know of 2 more upcoming classes:


1) Immunological Ruminations: Immunology Made Easy by Xander

March 31st, 7:30p

Even many scientists regard Immunology as an intimidating subject, with a crashing confusion of names and fickle cells that change phenotypes more often than the weather. But this doesn’t have to be so!

Xander is fascinated enough by Immunology that he even does research with it, and with this class he will crack open his head and share that fascination with you! The immune system is a tragedy, a comedy, and a massive chaotic puzzle that protects us from the pathogens lurking in our environment, so come learn more about it!

This is meant to be more of a discussion class than a lecture, but if you bring cookies Xander can probably be convinced to illuminate the connections between immunology and mathematics.


2) Haskell Hustle by Pokey

Haskell is apparently a computing language that Pokey is going to teach us about.  Dates and times TBA.


3) What do you want to see taught at All Hands Active?  Let us know and we’ll see what we can organize!



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