Site Re-vamp!!!


Alright, well I finally took the time to get the website redesigned and changed how everyone wanted. Well, let’s hope anyway.  There is now a wiki, you do not need an account to post to the wiki.  You can create an account under the membership section.  To add images and files you will need an account. Accounts are free, but is required for security purposes. Only paying members can vote, if you would like to become a paying member check out the membership section.  Hopefully everyone enjoys the site redesign, as you can expect more enhancements. Feel free to send any comments to the mailing list.

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3 Responses to Site Re-vamp!!!

  1. xamox says:

    About time….gees.

  2. joshdont says:

    This is excellent, thank you : )

  3. A2Works says:

    Another Google Calendar to subscribe too….I love it!

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