Maker Faire Planning Meeting

Maker Faire Planning Meeting!


Today we got together to brainstorm ideas for the Maker Faires that are coming up.  Many ideas were spun, hashed, scribbled, spoken, confused, and otherwise garbled.


1) All Hands Active Booth

We hope for this booth to be a square with a hole in the center, with each side devoted to a different aspect of the sorts of projects we do here at the shop.  Music, electronics, art, and food will likely be represented.

Other surprises will also be present, but we cannot reveal them lest our rival hackerspaces learn of our planned malfeasance.


2) Wreck Lab

Imagine tables heaped with piles of old electronics and legions of swarming witnesses hacking and smashing them apart while Experts in specialized Funny Hats circulate among them, helping them to understand the what and why of the things they’re dismantling.  Taking home their creations will also be encouraged.


3) Rotary Ruminations

A massive, slowly rotating dry-erase cylinder for people to mix and match their ideas in a collaborative, seredipitous environment.


4) Squish Lab

Biology biology molecular biology!  We’re not yet sure exactly what form this will take, but possibly growing plants, e.g., moss and grafts, or doing live dissections will occur.


5) Hacker Olympics

This is the quadathalon of geekness that we’ll be competing in with HACKPittsburgh, Hive 23, Pumping Station: One, and i3 Detroit.  We hope that Arch Reactor and Kalamazoo’s Geek Group can also make it.  Course 1: Soldering, Course 2: Programming, Course 3: Crafting, and Course 4: Power Wheels.



The content and our expectations and plans are sure to evolve as the dates draw nearer.  Luckily, we have the unique opportunity to prototype our exhibits at the Ann Arbor Mini-Maker Faire on July 5th!

If you have ideas for additional projects or would like to work with us, by all means drop us a line at AllHandsActiveATgmailDOTcom!

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